Sunday, September 09, 2007

Michael Yarbrough reported killed in Iraq

24-year-old Marine Sergeant Michael Yarbrough of Glen Rose was killed in Baghdad last week. According to his family, this was his third tour in the war.

“He grew up knowing he wanted to be a marine,” said Yarbrough’s cousin, John Keeling. “He always told his mother that.

“His second tour he volunteered for,” Keeling added. “He took the place of one of his friends, whose wife was pregnant.”

Keeling says his cousin was killed by a suicide bomber when the car he was inspecting at a roadside checkpoint exploded. Four other servicemen were killed in the blast.

Yarbrough leaves behind his wife, mother, two sisters, and six nieces and nephews.

“They were his life,” Keeling said. “His family and the Corps.”

Yarbrough would have turned 25 on Sept. 17. He was scheduled to come home in November.

Yarbrough’s death marks the 61st in the War on Terror.

His is also the second military death from Glen Rose in less than a month. Donovan Witham was killed in action on Aug. 21.

From THV 11