Sunday, September 09, 2007

Joel L. Murray dies 'of wounds suffered from an improvised explosive device'

Joel grew up in Salina, KS until his junior year when he moved to a small town near Beloit, KS. There Joel and I met and along with many others we became the best of friends. Joel was a comedian among comedians in our crew and we loved him. We loved taking spur of the moment road trips. Joel and I took off to South Padre Island during Spring Break 2000 and the both of us had the time of our lives together. Joel loved to travel and did so often. After high school Joel went to college for a while but soon joined the military... The Army to be exact. His first post was Soule, South Korea on the other side of the world. He later got married and had a son who is now two years old. Joel has a wonderful family and the closest friends who love him dearly and will remember him forever. When I found out that Joel passed it hurt badly. It still hurts and always will, but now I look back at the hilarious memories I have of Joel. Joel, I love you and miss you. I know you're in heaven smiling down. Until we meet again...

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