Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Report: Gates seeks deal for 'long-term presence' in exchange for troop drawdown by 2009

Above: Soldiers on their fourth day of 'Operation Arrowhead Ripper' in Baqubah wait to refuel their Stryker vehicles in front of building damaged in the fighting on June 22.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is seeking a political deal in Washington to trade off troop cuts in Iraq for support for a long-term, smaller presence there.

Citing unnamed US government officials, the Wall Street Journal said Tuesday that Gates and some political allies are pursuing political support for maintaining a US military presence in Iraq to continue the fight against Al-Qaeda.

The tradeoff, according to the report, is a commitment to slashing back troop levels -- now about 155,000 -- by the end of President George W. Bush's term in office, in January 2009...

In Gates's plan, the US would trim back its presence and its goals to fighting Al-Qaeda and simply containing a civil war that might erupt, rather than the current aim of defeating all insurgents and ending the conflict between Iraqi groups, mostly aligned on Sunni and Shiite Muslim lines.

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