Monday, July 02, 2007

Will Chambers reported killed when boat capsized during combat operations

A Ringgold, Georgia family found out this morning their Marine died in the Iraq war.

Darrell and Kathy Chambers spoke to their son, 20 year old Will Chambers, Saturday night, his last night alive.

His parents choked back tears. His father Darrell recounted their last conversation, "The night before he died." Chambers said. Will Chambers' mother finished his father's sentence. "He was sitting on the banks of the Euphrates River, talking to us at that point," Kathy Chambers said.

The very next morning, the Marines say Lance Corporal Chamber's boat capsized in the Euphrates River.

The Marines delivered the devastating news to his family.

The casualty report stated Chambers was on a combat operation when his boat sunk about 75 feet from the banks of Abul Hyatt...that city is in the Anbar province.

Chambers was in Charlie Company, second battalion, third platoon.

The 2005 graduate of Ringgold High school went into boot camp in January of last year and started his first tour in Iraq this March, according to his mother.

He was the oldest of four children, loved by them and his school.

His mother says the close knit relationship will help heal, "Will was all about family. Him and the other kids was close. It's devastating to all of us. It's a help knowing they loved each other as much as they did."

Lance Corporal Chambers stayed in touch with his favorite teacher, Jeanne Chambers. She (no relation) taught him English in the 11th grade. She described him as 100% Ringgold and representative of many of the men fighting in this war. "Just a young man who loves his community from which he comes, he loves his school. He loves his hometown, he loves his family," Jeanne Chambers said.

His JROTC instuctor at Ringgold High, Major James Creamer, remembered him like a son. "He was high spirited, very adventurous. Also very caring, he did a lot of community service in the town," Major Creamer said.

His family is awaiting word on when his body will return.

They plan to bury him in Ringgold.

From WTVC 9