Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Report: Some fleeing Sadr city in fear of future raids

Above, top: A boy scampers across the rubble of a building destroyed in Saturday's raids. Above, bottom: An Iraqi man and child clean up following the raids.

Some residents of the mainly Shia Baghdad suburb of Sadr City are fleeing their homes - apparently scared of reprisals by US troops searching the area for militants.

The US raids, which started on 30 June, led to the deaths of 26 people and dozens were injured, according to government officials.

Schools, government offices and many shops have been closed, and eye-witnesses said houses and shops had been damaged.

"I'm fleeing my home today and won't take anything with me. I cannot see my children dying. We need protection and we cannot get it in Sadr City any more. US troops are invading our houses, shooting at our doors and killing innocent people and I don't want my loved ones to be the next victims," said Mamun Ali, 45.

"They made it clear during their raid on 30 June that they were going to return to finish the militants and surely dozens of innocent Iraqis are going to die just for remaining in their homes," Ali said. "We are going to Najaf today with the hope of finding a camp for the displaced to stay in and save our lives."

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