Thursday, March 08, 2007

Apache to get upgraded night vision capability for urban warfare

Originally designed to attack enemy armor in open terrain, the Apache is now used in Iraq for low-level patrols in urban areas where insurgents move on foot, often at night.

The U.S. Army has signed a $311 million replacement contract to upgrade the night-vision targeting system used by Apache helicopter pilots.

The Lockheed Martin pact announced Monday authorizes 158 units of the Arrowhead targeting system, which Lockheed said was known as the "eyes of the Apache," and will be delivered in 2009.

The Arrowhead offers pilots with next-generation infrared capabilities that can be used for both flying the aircraft and picking out targets on the ground. A primary improvement is in the ability to pick up potential small-sized hazards in low light such as power lines and tree limbs.

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