Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Barry W. Mayo dies of injuries from I.E.D.

Myrtle, Miss - Private Barry Wayne Mayo was killed in Baqubah, Iraq yesterday during combat operations. He only had a few more weeks in the military before he got out and planned to attend Ole Miss to study computers.

On Monday, his plans came to an end in Iraq, leaving his family in mourning. Private Mayo had just turned 21 a couple of weeks ago. He was lucky enough to spend his birthday with his family at their home in Myrtle, where they laughed, joked and celebrated.

Today, they're grieving. Mayo was killed in Iraq, days after returning. He joined the Army while still underage.

"He just up and told his Dad he was gonna join the Army, and he did," says his grandmother, Patricia Mayo of Myrtle.

By the time he turned 18, he found himself in Iraq as part of the First Cavalry out of Fort Hood, Texas. He had apparently seen plenty of action in Iraq, but wouldn't say a word to his family about it.

"He just didn't talk much about stories. He didn't elaborate about anything going on over there....and didn't want you asking him anything like that," explains Mayo.

His grandmother could see Iraq had taken its toll on Barry. She says her grandson insisted on putting the best face on the situation.

"He pretended like it just wasn't all that bad," says Mayo. "...we knew better."

Private Mayo's Grandfather says Barry didn't like 'good-byes'. In fact, he would never tell his Grandfather good-bye. It was always "See you later." His Grandmother says he would never be the one to hang up the phone. She always had do it.

His family got the news Monday from visiting military officers.

"It's just bad. I mean it's not my grandchild it's somebody else's child or somebody else's grandchild. War is never good," says Mrs.Mayo.

Some in the family have now changed their minds about the war and just want it to end so no one else has to die. They also want people to know Private Barry Mayo served his country well.

" a brave soldier who went to war for our Country, and to remember his happiness that he had," says his grandmother.

Funeral arrangements for Private Barry Mayo are incomplete at this time. The Army doesn't expect to have his body back to his family for at least a couple of weeks.

From WREG 3