Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Brandon A. Parr dies of injuries from I.E.D.

A Utah man who grew up in San Luis Obispo was one of four soldiers killed in Iraq over the weekend in a new wave of roadside bomb attacks.

Brandon A. Parr of West Valley City, Utah, was a member of a military police company whose duties included training Iraqi police to take control of a central Baghdad neighborhood.

The 25-year-old husband and father was on his second tour of duty in Iraq.

He was killed in the Iraqi capital city along with two other soldiers Saturday in a roadside bomb attack. A separate attack in Tikrit claimed a fourth American life Sunday.

Parr's family members were huddled Monday in their West Valley City home. Army officials said the family, who requested privacy as they mourn, was focused on reliving their fondest memories of Parr.

In a statement, Parr's wife, Shannah, said her husband "loved life and family."

"He was very funny; he made everyone feel good," she said. "He was the greatest husband and father."

Brandon Parr was born in the Central Valley but grew up in San Luis Obispo. He and his wife have a 4-year-old son, Nicholas.

From the Tribune