Wednesday, September 12, 2007

William Warford remembered

Every Sunday, it was the same routine.

Fazoli’s for lunch, Maggie Moo’s for something sweet and then a trip to the park.

Cpl. William Warford III and his wife Shellamae shared their day on the town with their children, 6-year-old Aubrey Anna and 2-year-old Anthony.

But this Sunday will be different. There will be three, instead of four.

Warford, 24, was killed Sept. 5 in Balad, Iraq, by an explosive device. Warford entered the military in September 2004 and deployed to Iraq in October 2006.

Warford’s awards and decorations include the National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

“He loved his job,” Mrs. Warford said. “It’s just something he always wanted to do.”

And his father agreed.

“He said he always wanted to be like his grandfather,” said William Warford Jr., the young soldier’s father. “My father was a bit of a hero in World War II.”

“He was real proud of that,” he added. “He thought it was the right thing to do.”

Warford had planned to re-enlist in the military, and after that, he wanted to be a police officer.

“He was very much a people person,” Mrs. Warford said.

Warford spent his childhood in Lott but moved to Temple at the age of 14.

Warford enjoyed most “childhood stuff,” including sports, animals, gardening, hunting and fishing.

He even broke his arm trying to save a litter of puppies, Warford’s father recalled.

But what really ignited Warford was when someone picked on his younger sister, Crystal.

His father said Warford even chased after three 14- or 15-year-old boys with a wood board when he was only 10 years old because they were harassing his sister.

“He wasn’t afraid,” he said. “He was the kind of kid who always wanted to help anybody.”

“He would’ve stuck his head in the mouth of a lion to save a friend,” he added.

While in Iraq, Warford wrote letters to his family, not asking them to send goods for him, but to send toys and candy for the children in Iraq.

From the Temple Daily Telegram

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