Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joel Murray remembered

-- Joel I'm so sorry man, we miss you so much. You are the bravest guy I know and I miss you. I keep expecting to see you outside and for you to say something hilarious. Please know that everyone did all they could to help you guys. The men were so brave you would've been really proud of them. You taught them so much they miss you man. I know that your "Smilin" now and me too cuz I know that you would never quit no matter what. Your one of the greatest NCO's and men that I have had the honor to work with. I miss you. God Bless you and your family. You will never be forgotten brother.

-- a great mind, a great heart, a great man, a great in peace. thank you for the memories!

-- To my hero and brother forever rest in peace. Your whole crew will keep your memorie alive forever love ya bro.

-- Wow... any other day I just would have been writing you on this stupid thing called myspace and waiting for you to reply. Now I guess in sorts I am writing you goodbye. It always takes a tragedy to really grasp the love of a true friendship. Ever since the first time I met you- I loved you. Here I was this little teenager just open-eyed to the world. You were always so warm and welcome. God damnit Joel you were always SOO fucking funny. There are so many times even when you weren't there that your name would be brought in some hilarious story. You will be missed. If you could hear everyone calling and crying about you.... I hope you know how much people treasured our time with you. I will never forget you. Always and forever I will love you! Keep smiling down on us. See you on the other side.

From Joel Murray's MySpace page

-- I met Joel in Kansas at 2/16 and we did a lot of field time together. I was always in awe of his stamina and strength and natural leadership ability. His sense of humor always kept me going and he could bring a smile to my face when I needed it the most. Joel you brightened everyones life, I will finish reading the Illiad thank you for introducing me to the classics. We shared a lot of the same interests. I'll miss the spades games and just hanging out with you man. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. I just want everyone to know what an awesome hero you are, and how brave you are. You will never be forgotton, we miss and love you Joel. I'm sorry.

-- Joel, in so many ways I have learned from you. Life and death... energy and peace... throughout your life you were always kind, generous, warm and gentle. You would talk to anyone... and you would always make them laugh. You never cared if a person was rich or poor, young or old. You would always find some way to connect with them. You could always see the brighter side of each situation. And damnit you would make me smile ear to ear and laugh until my gut hurt. I will miss you Joel. I wish that I could have spent more time with you. I wish that none of this would have happened. You were always so positive. So I will try to take that lesson. I will try to be positive. I love you and one day I will see you again.

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