Friday, July 27, 2007

Opinion (Marilou Johanek ): Bush's Magic Kingdom

IN THE Magic Kingdom, dreams really do come true. It's the cardinal rule of the Florida fantasyland Disney built. Equally important in the enchanted place is that everyone gets along, evil never triumphs over good, life flourishes on wishful thinking, and nobody has a bad day. If it wasn't for the heat, I could have stayed there indefinitely.

Who wouldn't want to live happily ever after in a small world where Goofy is a star and rodents are as highly regarded as royalty? In such a whimsical utopia it's all about escaping the boundaries that foolishly bind us and playing make-believe that differences can actually unite rather than divide.

In such a perfect place, where every bit of mortar, brick, and paint is designed to fan the illusion of fun and fiction, it's easy to believe life is a lark. But eventually, as is always the case, Reality-land reminds the daydreamer that Disney is only a day trip. Soon enough, bills come due and payments must be rendered. It's the cardinal rule of the real world, which runs on what is instead of what is pretend. Those who refuse to accept that reality sometimes wind up in prison or the loony bin.

But in rare circumstances, they occasionally rise to great heights as world leaders. Of course they are prone to reckless flights of fancy, as we can attest to in the United States with our current run of delusional leadership.

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