Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tony Farrar remembered

When Sally Bors saw a uniformed man knock at her door last week, she knew what she was about to hear would change her life forever.

That was when she received the news that her 20-year-old son Army Private Tony Farrar died.

Her eldest son was killed when a roadside bomb exploded near his military vehicle south of Baghdad.

"I expected myself to go through some different stages, but all I feel right now is just sad," Bors says. "I'm sad that I'm never going to see my son again."

After graduating from Palm Springs High School in September 2005, Tony joined the Army almost immediately.

His mom wasn't too thrilled about his decision but, supported her son anyway.

"I knew that he wouldn't have three years of training in the states or being abroad. He was going to war and that scared the hell out of me."

While in Iraq, Tony didn't call his mother much preferring to e-mail instead.

The last time Sally saw her son was Christmas two years ago.

"He didn't call because he didn't want to hear me cry. But I cried a lot. I worried a lot about him."

Tony's brother is a Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton.

Sally Bors knows he'll also have to go to war soon.

Just like Tony, she supports her other son him all the way.

"You have to let them know that you're proud of them and you support what they do and hope that they know why they're there."

Tony Farrar, Jr. had only been in Iraq less than six months before he was killed.

From KESQ 3

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