Saturday, May 12, 2007

Security Summary: May 12, 2007

Iraqis stand at a Shiite mosque in Baghdadtoday. On Friday, a bomb which exploded nearby killed at least one and wounded six

Mosul- Unknown gunmen shot and killed on Saturday evening secretary of the Islamic Medical Society Dr. Adib al-Chalabi outside his clinic in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a police source said.

Diwaniya- Unknown gunmen on Saturday shot dead a police officer in Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad, a security source said.

Baghdad- Iraqi police patrols on Saturday found 17 unknown bodies dumped in different parts of Baghdad, an interior ministry source said.

Diala- At least two people were killed and three more wounded on Saturday evening as a car bomb detonated in central Iraq, a security source said.

Diala– Thirty people suspected of involvement in acts of violence were arrested in a joint raid by an Iraqi-U.S. force in the Sunni province of Diala, the Iraqi police said on Saturday.

Haditha – An explosive charge went off near an Iraqi patrol passing through a southern Hadithan town in the Sunni province of al-Anbar, causing severe damage to a Hummer vehicle and setting it ablaze, local residents said on Saturday.

Baghdad– A joint force of Iraqi police and the U.S. army found a weapons cache during a raid on a house in the southeastern Baghdad district of al-Madaen, an Iraqi police source said on Saturday.

Karbala– Iraqi policemen arrested a suspected member of al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq in central Karbala on Saturday, a spokesman for the Karbala police said on Saturday.

Baghdad – Five U.S. soldiers were killed and three others are considered missing after a U.S. force came under attack in the area of al-Mahmoudiya in southern Baghdad, the U.S. army said.

Baghdad – An Iraqi legislator urged clans in the Sunni province of Diala to set up a force to confront armed groups, instead of waiting for government support "that might reach the province but slowly."

Baaquba – Hundreds of residents from Baaquba, capital of the Sunni province of Diala, staged a demonstration on Saturday to demand the government to improve services and security by administering the Fardh al-Qanoon plan.

Falluja – Four Iraqi armed groups in Falluja announced that they will form a unified front under the name "Jihad and Reforms."

Baghdad – The Iraqi parliament voted by majority against a policy to build separating walls all over Iraq.

Baghdad – Iraqi policemen foiled an attempt to detonate a truck rigged with explosives and killed its driver near a checkpoint in al-Madaen district, southeast of Baghdad, the official al-Iraqiya TV quoted the spokesman for the law-imposing plan in Baghdad, Qassem Atta, as saying.

Baaquba – An armed group blew up a Shiite shrine in the central Iraq province of Diala, a security source said.

Basra – A British patrol found two weapons and ammunition caches in western Basra, the military spokeswoman for the Multi-National Force (MNF) in southern Iraq said, adding that a British armored vehicle was destroyed when an explosive device went off near it.

Diala– Unidentified gunmen fired 15 mortar shells at an Iraqi National Guard headquarters in the town of al-Ghalibiya in Hibhib district, Diala, eyewitnesses said.

Baaquba – Iraqi policemen raided a neighborhood in the district of al-Muqdadiya, northeastern Baaquba, and arrested the imam and preacher of al-Bashir Mosque, an official source from the Iraqi police said.

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