Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Security Summary: May 1, 2007

A follower of Moqtada al-Sadr chants anti-American slogans in protest at one of several May Day rallies held in Iraq today.

Baghdad – Four civilians were killed and six others wounded when a mortar shell fell on a residential neighborhood in southwestern Baghdad, Iraqi interior ministry sources said.

Basra – An unidentified number of people were killed and wounded when an aircraft opened fire in Basra on Monday, the Multi-National Force (MNF) in southeastern Iraq said.

Falluja – A policeman was killed and his house blown up by gunmen, an Iraqi police source in Falluja, the largest city in Sunni Anbar province, said.

Missan – Those who assassinated Criminal Intelligence Director Colonel Ali Qassem al-Tamimi and two of his escorts last year were arrested, a police source in Missan province said.

Hilla – One civilian was killed when an explosive charge went off near his vehicle, while three others from one family were wounded after their house was attacked with mortar shells in Hilla, a source from the Babel police command said.

Baghdad – Leader of the so-called al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq, Abu Ayoub al-Masry, was killed in clashes in northern Baghdad that the Iraqi and U.S. forces were not part of, the interior ministry said.

Salah al-Din – A senior Iraqi police officer, who had been kidnapped in Baiji district, was found dead in the Sunni province of Salah al-Din, a police source said.

Hilla – Three civilians were killed and five others were wounded by unidentified gun fire in Hilla, a Babel police source said.

Baghdad – A small passenger bus, with 11 dead and three wounded inside, was found in the southern Baghdad area of al-Iskandariya, the Iraqi police said.

Baghdad – An explosive device set more than 15 shops on fire in the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Ur, which was followed by a U.S. forces campaign where 20 people were arrested, the Iraqi police said.

Kirkuk – Six explosive charges went off near a number of civilian houses in the city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, causing severe damage to houses and vehicles, an official security source said.

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