Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Report: Emergency contraception available only at some bases

'Plan B' became available as a non-prescription over the counter emergency contraceptive in November.

Emergency contraceptives may not be available on every base, but one so-called “morning after” drug, Plan B, is available from some military pharmacies and by prescription under the military’s health care plan, a defense spokesman said...

Plan B was added to the basic core formulary in March 2002 but it did not remain on the list for long. Within hours, the Tricare Management Agency started receiving inquires from lawmakers that centered on whether Plan B caused an abortion. Tyll said it was the Defense Department’s view that the drug does not cause an abortion but rather prevents a pregnancy.

But after more criticism, Plan B was removed from the formulary May 8, 2002. The Defense Department is studying whether to place it back on the formulary, Tyll said.

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