Thursday, May 17, 2007

School rallies around Byron Fouty

WALLED LAKE -- A cardboard box filled with Jolly Rancher candy, Stephen King's "It" and W.E.B. Griffin's military novels sits in Beth Rexroat's living room.

Rexroat had assembled the package for Army Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, the 19-year-old Waterford Township soldier who was missing in Iraq on Saturday after a deadly ambush.

Fouty, a voracious reader, had phoned his former drama teacher in March requesting some titles to help his time in Iraq go by.

"It was my plan this Saturday to get them off," said Rexroat with a sigh. "I'll probably still send them"...

Before Fouty left high school for the Army last year, he wowed his peers and teachers with his acting and improvisation, playing a television commentator and a soldier in a school production of a comedy, "The Mouse That Roared," Rexroat said.

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