Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best friend of Anthony Schober speaks out

Joshua Spriggs and Anthony Schober have been inseperable since they met ten years ago at Douglas High School. And to Spriggs, Anthony is more than just his best friend.

"He is my brother as far as i'm concerned. And he feels the same way. I know it. We love each other. I mean my family is his family. My mom and dad love him. My wife's mom and dad love him." said Spriggs on Wednesday.

The two are so close, Spriggs and his wife Kathleen named their son after Anthony and made him as the child's godfather. They say they decided Anthony would be a good name for him because they hope he would be the kind of man Schober is.

The friends enlisted in the military together. Schober is on his fourth tour of duty in Iraq. Both priggs and his wife say Sergeant Schober is a stong, brave soldier.

"He is stubborn and if anyone can make it, he can. That's what we're holding onto." says Kathleen Spriggs.

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Karen Spriggs breaks down in tears as she remembers Schobers last words before he deployed to Iraq, "he gave me a hug and a kiss and said ‘thank you for everything, I love you' and he said, ‘just in case I don't come back again'... And then now he's missing."

She says her family e-mails Schober everyday and they are still waiting for him to answer.

Saturdays ambush is the fifth attack Schober, who is a highly decorated soldier, has faced in his four deployments...

Josh says, "it's just hard because we enlisted together to do this, and I'm home with my family he's not."

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