Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Perspective: Memorial honors canine war heroes

No joking matter: Zeko, an explosive detection Canine, takes a breather, after his handler puts his specially made balistic-resistant "doggles" on for his daily training at the newly built training course at Forward Operating Base McHenry, Iraq

PROVO, Utah — From the Revolutionary War to the wars in Iraq and Afhanistan, dogs have served faithfully alongside America’s fighting men and women. But rarely has there been any public recognition for man’s best friend in a world where a man most needs a friend.

Alan Cunningham appreciates the roles dogs have played during wartime and is hoping others will take notice. This month, the American Fork veterinarian unveiled a memorial at Utah Veterans Memorial Park near Camp Williams, honoring America’s four-legged service members.

Near the entrance to the visitors’ center, a bronze German shepherd sits majestically over a plaque that reads “In honor of canine war heroes and forgotten service animals.”

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