Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Security Summary: April 24, 2007

A man is interrogated through an Iraqi interpreter during house searches yesterday in Mosul.

Ramadi- At least 25 people were killed and 44 more wounded on Tuesday when a suicide bomber detonated a truck crammed with explosives in a village near Ramadi, 110 km west of Baghdad, a police source said.

Diala- Unknown gunmen on Tuesday shot and killed two civilians in Khalis district, Diala province, 57 km northeast of Baghdad, a police source said.

Talafar- At least two civilians were wounded on Tuesday when a Katyusha rocket landed onto a house in the northern Iraqi city of Talafar, the city mayor said.

Falluja- At least two policemen were killed and three more were wounded in a blast that occurred on Tuesday afternoon in Falluja, 45 km west of Baghdad, a police source said.

Diwaniya- An Iraqi army vehicle patrol on Tuesday shot and killed a police officer in western Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad, a police source said.

Tikrit – A Salah ad-Din governor's aide survived an attempt on his life on Tuesday when his motorcade was attacked by gunmen in Baiji, 250 km north of Baghdad, while an Iraqi army soldier and his wife were kidnapped by gunmen in Yathreb, 70 km north of Baghdad, a source in the Tikrit police department.

Kut- An attempt to smuggle a large amount of weapons to armed groups was foiled by police forces in al-Aziziya town, north of Kut, a police source in Wassit province said on Tuesday.

Dalouiya- A group of gunmen blew up a police station in Dalouiya, 90 km north of Baghdad, after forcing policemen to leave it, a police source in Salah ad-Din province said on Tuesday.

Baghdad– At least two people were killed and nine others were injured on Tuesday when an explosive charge went off inside a bus in eastern Baghdad, a police source said.

Missan – Missan police arrested on Tuesday two suspected drug dealers in southern Amara city, a security source in Missan police said.

Najaf – The facilities protection department in Najaf set up a committee assigned with protection of bridges in the country, a security source said.

Baghdad – The U.S. casualties in acts of violence in Diala on Tuesday rose to 10 and the wounded remained 20, the U.S. army said in a statement.

Baghdad – Ten suspects were arrested and an arms cache seized during operations by the coalition forces in central Iraq on Tuesday, the U.S. army said.

Baaquba – Eight civilians were killed and 17 others wounded in an attack by a group of gunmen at a neighborhood in Baaquba, Diala province, an official security source said.

Basra – An armed group wounded three personnel from the oil facilities protection department before seizing 382 million dinars (roughly more than 300,000 U.S. dollars), a media source in the Basra police said.

Baghdad – The Iraqi Parliament debated in an ordinary session on Tuesday the parliament's security after the recent suicide bombing inside a cafeteria where the deputies were having lunch two weeks ago.

Diwaniya – The Multi-National Force (MNF)'s Echo camp in Diwaniya came under an attack with four Katyusha missiles, a security source said.

Baghdad – An explosive charge went off near the dentistry college, Baghdad University, wounded four students, eyewitnesses said.

Basra – The Basra police freed a hostage and arrested the kidnappers in western Basra, a security source said.

Hilla – Three people were killed and the wounded from Monday's explosion in a restaurant in Hilla city rose to seven, a security source in Babel police said.

Dhi Qar – Three Australian soldiers were wounded when a roadside bomb went off near an Australian convoy in northern al-Nassiriya on Tuesday, a security source in Dhi Qar police said.

Baghdad – Two vehicles rigged with explosives blew up successively on Tuesday morning in a garage near the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad, killing and wounding an unidentified number of people, a security source said.

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