Friday, February 16, 2007

Carl Leonard Seigart reported killed in Iraq

PICAYUNE — U.S. Army Sgt. Carl Leonard Seigart, whose wife and four stepchildren live in Picayune, was killed in Iraq on Valentine's Day as he participated in a tank-recovery mission, his family said.

"We were notified yesterday that he was killed while on the mission," said Jessica Moeller, the soldier's stepdaughter. She said Seigart was a tank mechanic with the 1st Cavalry, 3rd Battalion out of Fort Hood, Texas.

Radio station WRJW in Picayune reported that other family members were told Seigart died near Balad, Iraq. The family said they were told he was killed by an improvised explosive device.

There was no information on Seigart's death on the Department of Defense Web site Thursday.

Moeller said her mother, Suzanne Smith Seigart, had lived with her stepfather in Killeen, Texas, but had recently returned to Picayune.

She said her mother had health concerns and was staying with her while Seigart was overseas on his first tour in Iraq. He had been in the Army for 14 years.

She said Seigart was a native of San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Moeller, whose husband, Jonathan, was a close friend of Seigart's, said Seigart's mother lived in California, but he had no additional information.

Jessica Moeller said other survivors include her three brothers - Josh, Sam and Jake - and their families.

The family was told that the serviceman's body would not be returned to the U.S. for about a week. Jonathan Moeller said Seigart's funeral would be held in Picayune.

Suzanne Seigart had a difficult time on Wednesday but "she's better today," he said.

"She's improving. She has a lot of support."

From the Ledger