Thursday, January 25, 2007

British TV captures Shia troops pulling Sunnis from car, pummeling them as US troops laugh; Troops try to seize video evidence

It is a shocking insight into the sectarian violence that is tearing Baghdad apart.

As tens of thousands of American troops prepare to "surge" into the iraqi capital - Channel 4 News has obtained exclusive evidence of the brutality being meted out by the largely Shi'a Iraqi army - as US troops stand idly by.

Two journalists - embedded with the First Cavalry division - witnessed suspected insurgents being viciously beaten and abused.

The journalists were then threatened and held under armed guard by the Americans - as troops attempted to seize their footage.

US Army commander Lieutenant Colonel Dale C Kuehl told Channel 4 News he had taken administrative action to include suspending the platoon sergeant.

He said: "The US Army does not condone detainee abuse within our formation not within ISF formations.

"The appropriate actions will be taken once the results of the investigation are final."

Read the story and see the video at Channel 4