Saturday, August 11, 2007

Provincial governor, police chief killed in multiple bomb attack on convoy

Above: An Iraqi security convoy in Diwaniya in May.

DIWANIYA -- The governor and police chief of Iraq's Qadisiyah province were both killed in a bomb attack on their convoy on Saturday, local security and health officials said.

"The hospital in Diwaniyah received the governor and police chief, and three other corpses from their security detail," said Doctor Hamid Gaati, head of the health directorate in Diwaniyah, the provincial capital, south of Baghdad.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because he was unauthorised to release the information, a senior security official in Diwaniyah said the men were killed in a multiple bomb attack.

"More than 10 IEDs (roadside bombs) targeted a convoy of the governor and the chief of police on their way back from Afak to the centre of the city, killing the governor of Diwaniyah and the chief of police," said the official.

Governor Khalil Jalil Hamza and police chief Major General Khalid Hassan had gone to Afak to attend a funeral, he added.

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