Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nick Gummersall remembered by friends, team mates

In a small town, news travels fast and when its news of a friend or loved one being killed in the war on terror, it's not news you want to hear.

Sergeant Nick Gummersall is the second solider from Pocatello to be killed in the war, also the second Century High School graduate. "Its tough because you just, you know, you see it happening everywhere else but don't think that it'll happen to kids that you've taught or coached." Says Sgt. Gummersall's former coach, Bruce Givens.

Former teammates are now collecting old jerseys and memorabilia from Sergeant Gummersall's days as a Diamondback, as a standout athlete on the football, baseball and wrestling teams. "He was a great kid. As an athlete you wish you had 50 of them on your team." Says Givens. Gummersall was a 2002 graduate of Century High School.

"I was hoping that maybe someone got their information mixed up and that it didn't happen." Says friend and former teammate Derek Andreason.

Former classmates of Sergeant Nick Gummersall are still in shock, after hearing the news he was killed fighting for his country. "He was just an all around great guy that loved life and loved everybody around him." Says Andreason.

"He was just always cheerful. He was always happy. He was one of the hardest workers i knew." Says friend and former teammate Zach Schumacher.

Sergeant Gummersall was a ranger with the 82nd airborne second infantry division stationed out of Fort Lewis, Washington. He only 23-years-old when his life was cut short when a building exploded north of Baghdad Monday killed him. Friends and former teammates are now left with only memories and pictures.

"I'm still in shock a little bit right now. It's really hard. I loved nick and he was just a great guy and I'm still trying to accept the fact that id did happen and i won't be able to see him again." Says Andreason.

"It was just unreal. You don't want to believe it at first. Just made me think of playing football with him and he's just a year older than me so it's just unreal that someone our age and that close can pass on like that." Says Schumacher.

Friends say if you knew Sergeant Gummersall, you know that he died loving what he did and did it with honor. "He went over there and they told him what he needed to do and he did it. I think he served his country with honor and he died making sure that we would still be able to be here and live free." Says Andreason.

Friends are now finding comfort in knowing that Sergeant Gummersall would say one thing if he was still here. "He'd probably say don't worry. I'm ok. I'm in a better place." Says Andreason.

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