Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jaron Holliday remembered by family

Last Tuesday, flowers arrived for Kelly Holliday, to encourage her during her treatment for breast cancer. Even though the flowers are dying, she can't throw them away... because they were sent by her son, who was killed Saturday in Iraq.

"I was so blessed by that. And he knows how much I love flowers and love roses especially," she said.

Jaron Holliday was 15 when September 11th happened.

"He really took that personal, and he couldn't believe anybody would do that,” said Jaron Holliday’s father John Holliday.

John Holliday says that's when he decided to enlist.

"He wanted to go. We had talked it over several times. We gave him our blessing. He wanted to be a cavalry scout. He wanted to be airborne, to get his wings,” he said.

"He tried to prepare us for things we weren't prepared to talk about, but you know that grips your heart and at the same time I believed in what his purpose and his goal was,” said Kelly Holliday.

Jaron Holliday's parents say just as they are confident in their faith, their son was sure of his beliefs and his purpose.

“America is worth fighting for. And the cost is high, and sometimes, it's personal. We're not angry. We would have picked it differently, but we don't get a vote in that. We'll be better in time,” John Holliday said.

Services for Jaron Holliday will likely be next Monday or Tuesday. His body is in Dover, Delaware, awaiting a military escort home.

From KOTV 6

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