Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cristian Rojas-Gallego remembered

It was a choice he made for is family. Army specialist Cristian Rojas-Gallego learned his wife Megan was pregnant. Older brother Eduardo Rojas-Gallego said Cristian made a difficult decision.

“He made the decision to go back to the Army. He wanted to provide a better life for them and for the new born baby,” said Eduardo. “He knew the consequences of his decision, but he did it for them.”

The former Marine had already served three tours in Iraq. But Cristian re-enlisted, this time with the Army. And this time, his family said he didn't have a choice financially. Cristian's family said the military was the only place he found an opportunity to work again.

“As a family we did not want that for him to go back over there because we know it was really hard...for him and for us to know where he was,” said Eduardo.

The 24-year-old veteran was killed in Baghdad last Thursday when a bomb exploded near his vehicle.

Eduardo says it was his brother's last mission. Cristian was supposed to come home this month. His mother Beatrice Felis-Rojas said that thought makes her heart ache.

“Mujerde mucho. It hurts a lot,” said Beatrice.

The last picture that was taken of him was with his 2-month old son, when Cristian was allowed to come home to see his newborn son.

“You know the happiness of Cristian to come home and see his boy. He got to see him. He got to see his boy. He was full of joy and pride,” said Eduardo.

Cristian will be buried August 13 at Melwood Cemetery in Stone Mountain.

From Fox 11

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