Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shawn V. Starkovich dies 'in Al Anbar province, Iraq. His death is under investigation.'

A Marine from Arlington died Iraq.

The Marine was 20-year-old Lance Corporal Shawn Starkovich. His friends called him "Starko."

The Brower family of Marysville remembers the 6-foot-4 gentle giant fondly.

"Just a gentle young man, just a wonderful kid," Dick Brower said.

Starkovich lived just few doors down from the Browers when he was a teen.

He moved away his senior year and just out of high school joined the Marines.

In March, shortly before deploying to Iraq, he wrote this in a blog: "I'm going to miss you all while I'm gone and I cant wait till I get back."

On Monday, Lance Corporal Starkovich died in Al-Anbar Province.

The Department of Defense is saying only that his death is under investigation.

"It makes me really sad, I feel really sad for them," Barbara Brower said.

From KING 5