Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Christopher Kube remembered

The parents of Pfc. Christopher D. Kube readily admit their oldest son had problems growing up in a structured society in Shelby Township.

But Kube, killed by an improvised explosive device in Iraq on Saturday, worked to improve himself and knew at an early age that he wanted to join the Army.

Kube's father, David Kube of Fraser, and mother, Debbie Krupski of Flint, said they were extremely proud when their son graduated at the top of his class at the Michigan Youth Challenge Academy.

They were proud when he enlisted in the U.S. Army and are very proud that he was serving his country in Baghdad. They were devastated when they learned Monday that Kube was killed Saturday in Baghdad.

Kube died when an improvised explosive device hit the truck he shouldn't have been on and exploded. Kube had volunteered for the mission.

Kube's mother said she and her five children and ex-husband formerly lived in the Shelby Forest Mobile Hope Park on Schoenherr north of 22 Mile Road. She now lives in Flint.

Pfc. Kube's father, David Kube, now lives in Fraser with four other children.

"Christopher has gone though many challenges and struggles and stood up to everything you could imagine," Krupski said. "He was a gunner in the Army, and was so proud of it. He died a hero."

Krupski said her son showed everyone what it meant to be strong. She said he faced an uphill battle most of his life, and it was generally his fault. He had to learn discipline and had to learn how to take orders, she said.

David Kube said his son enjoyed riding his dirt bike and often rode cross-country events. He also enjoyed fishing and hunting.

"Chris was a troubled youth and was scared about getting a job after high school (he got his GED)," said David Kube. "When he was 16 years old he knew he wanted to go into the Army."

That's when he enrolled in the Michigan Youth Challenge, a military boot camp for youth. His father said he had great leadership skills.

"We weren't worried about Chris being in Iraq," said Kube. "Chris told me not to worry about him. I tried not to worry, but you can't stop thinking of him."

Kube, who works at Camau Pico East on 23 Mile Road in Macomb Township, said he prayed for his son daily. He carries a photo of his son in his tool box.

His parents said they gave him permission to enlist when he turned 17. Kube was sent to boot camp at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., where he performed his advanced infantry training and became a truck driver. While in Colorado at Fort Carson last year, he met and married Tianna.

"Shortly after that, last October, they shoved him right to Iraq," said Krupski. "Now, I hope everyone just doesn't think of Christopher as a number. I hope Christopher didn't die in vain. He wasn't even supposed to be on that truck."

Kube volunteered to go on the mission in which he was killed. Krupski said his best friend was on a truck behind Kube's.

In a letter to Krupski, the soldier wrote, "Chris, you weren't even supposed to be there. I love you brother." He called Kube his "everyday hero."

Kube has four siblings; brother Jonathan, 15; twins Jessica and Jason, 12; and sister, Jennifer, 9.

From the Macomb Daily

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