Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Military: U.S.-Iraqi forces retake village in Diyala, 19 'extremists' killed

Above: A soldier with the 1st Cavalry Division reports the current situation as another scans his sector from a rooftop in Baqubah during operation 'Arrowhead Ripper', a major assault on extremist insurgents. General Odierno says most escaped beforehand, and many believe that they scattered to more isolated areas of the province.

BAGHDAD -- U.S. and Iraqi forces drove out Sunni extremists who had attacked a remote village northeast of Baghdad, a U.S. commander said Wednesday.

The militants had fled north from a U.S. offensive in the city of Baqouba, where American forces are fighting to uproot al-Qaida in Iraq fighters and other Sunni insurgents who used the area to attack nearby Baghdad, Lt. Col. Fred Johnson told The Associated Press in Baqouba.

The fighters attacked the village of Sherween, 35 miles to the northeast, on Monday, sparking a fierce battle with armed residents trying to defend their homes, according to the deputy governor of Diyala province, Auf Rahim, who received a call from residents Tuesday pleading for help from the Iraqi army.

Rahim said he was told by the residents that the fighters had taken over the village in fighting that killed dozens from both sides.

A U.S. and Iraqi army force moved into the village Tuesday night and drove out the insurgents in a battle that left at least 19 extremists dead, Johnson said. He did not comment on any casualties among the coalition forces.

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