Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Perspective: The spotlight fades, but the pain remains

Steven Bridges might have been a history teacher, Brandon Dewey a police officer. Jesse Martinez most likely would have settled down in Tracy to help care for his nieces and nephews, his pride and joy, while Adam Kinser would take a steady job and raise his first child in his hometown of Rio Vista.

Instead, their dreams and devotions died with them thousands of miles away from the places they called home. They are just a few of nearly two dozen servicemen and women from San Joaquin County who have lost their lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They all chose to serve and were given heroes' farewells in accordance with military custom. Their families were placed in the spotlight as the media clamored to piece together the stories of their lives.

The attention has faded, but the deep sense of loss remains.

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