Monday, May 28, 2007

Mathew P. LaForest dies of 'injuries suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire during combat operations'

U.S. Army specialist Matthew LaForest came from a military family, his father was in the Air Force, and spent most of his life in Texas where he was raised.

But he did spend some time in West Chazy where his mother has lived for most of her forty years and small shrines in his honor were set up outside his home as soon as the news of his death was known.

LaForest's mother, Deborah Baughn, said her son loved having a good time.

"Matthew lived life to the fullest and had a heart of gold. He gave a lot."

She said that her son believed in what he was doing and he wanted to return to the North Country when he got out of the Army.

"When he got out he was going to live up here because he spent a lot of time in warm climates. He wanted to become a state trooper. His life was around law enforcement."

The firefight in Iraq took place last Friday and the Army was at her door that afternoon with the said news about her son. Deborah Baughn said she knew why they were there.

"I knew , I knew..... " said Deborah Baughn tearfully, "I knew he didn't make it."

Matthew LaForest was scheduled to visit his mother and relatives in Clinton County last month but was sent to Iraq instead. He was less than a month into his tour of duty when he was killed in an ambush.

From WCAX 3