Monday, May 28, 2007

Iosiwo Uruo dies of 'wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire'

Micronesia lost another son to the war in Iraq. The family of 28-year-old U.S. Army Sergeant Iosiwo Uruo recalled the delivery of the tragic news by military officials with Isaoshy Uruo, Iosiwo's father, telling KUAM News, "Two officers came late Friday afternoon and informed us that Iosiwo was killed in Iraq. They said something else, and all of a sudden we just couldn't handle it. We cried."

The news of his son's passing, as it would be for any parent, was devastating. While Iosiwo's father has yet to be told of how and exactly when his son died, the Department of Defense announced this weekend that the sergeant died of wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small arms fire. Iosiwo was assigned to the Stryker Brigade Combat Team in Fort Lewis, Washington.

The forlorn father said, "He was trying to bring the family up and bring the family together and serve his country."

The Uruo family came to Guam in 1987 from Chuuk. Isaoshy came to Guam for a better job and better education for his children, with Iosiwo being the third oldest of seven siblings. He attended Agana Heights Elementary School, Agueda Johnston Middle School, and George Washington High School, where he played for several years in the Geckos football team.

After graduating in 2000, he immediately signed up to be an Army scout. Uruo said of his son, "He's very humble, very honest and respectful. When he was a little boy until he was gone I never hear him raise his voice especially toward us. He never raised his voice, whether he accepted or he was disappointed, it doesn't show on his face that he would disagree or was hurt. He just looked down. He was polite."

That last time Iosiwo was on Guam was two years ago visiting family. His next assignment would be in the Middle East. "I was broken hearted because he's my son and very humble and respectful and honest son so I was thinking of him because going to active duty military, especially around that time with lots of conflict and all these things going on so I was feeling heartbroken," said Isaoshy.

Iosiwo was expected to come back to Guam later this year after visiting his brother in California, who is a United States Marine. "I hope everybody, especially the nation as a whole to pray for these servicemen for sacrificing and for their pains and hardship that they've been through," concluded Isaoshy.

From KUAM 8