Sunday, May 06, 2007

GAO to investigage Fort Carson discharge controversy

After enduring a rocket attack in Ramadi, Jon Town was told his PTSD was a pre-existing personality disorder, then discharged from the service and denied disability.

The investigative arm of Congress said it will send a team to Fort Carson to examine mental health care for Iraq war veterans after complaints that some soldiers with brain damage have been misdiagnosed.

Fort Carson, near Colorado Springs, has come under close scrutiny amid rising national concern about the Army's treatment of Iraq veterans with brain injuries and mental health problems...

The advocacy group Veterans for America has said it is looking into as many as 40 cases where Fort Carson soldiers with brain damage or stress-related injuries may have been misdiagnosed with personality disorders. The GAO is aware of those cases, Crosse said, but the visit will look at systemwide mental health issues.

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