Saturday, May 05, 2007

Nic (Nicholas E.) Riehl laid to rest

SHIOCTON, Wis. Months before Army soldier Nicholas Riehl (REEL) died in Iraq, he wrote and recorded a song called, "Standing at the Black Gate."

At his funeral this afternoon at Shiocton High School, more than 900 mourners heard his voice one more time as he sang, "They stole my life now. I've lost what's real."

Evan Riehl, says the prophetic song seems to tell the story of his brother's death. He says he figured people would want to hear Nic's words.

Family members offered tear-filled tributes to the fallen soldier.

His sister Roselynn Riehl says she'll miss Nic's playful punches to her arm and his lifelong support and guidance.

The 21-year-old Riehl was a scout with the Third Infantry Division. The reverend who presided over his funeral says Riehl had successfully defused seven other bombs before being killed by an eighth.

He was buried with full military honors in a cemetery not far from Shiocton, about 20 miles northwest of Appleton.

From WKBT 8

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