Monday, April 23, 2007

Steven Tudor reported killed in Iraq

An area soldier made the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed this weekend in Iraq.

The mother of Staff Sergeant Steven Tudor said the family lived in many places when they called northeastern Pennsylvania home.

It was after high school in Lackawanna County when the soldier decided to pursue a career fulltime in the Army.

The mother of SSG Tudor found out Sunday morning that her 36-year-old son died this weekend in Iraq. Mary Ann Jones talked from her home in California about her son, an active duty soldier and a graduate of Dunmore High School in Lackawanna County.

Though you could not tell by his big smile, Tudor's mother described him as shy.

"He was just mostly quiet, and he'd just laugh at things," said Jones.

The career soldier served several tours of duty overseas while in the Army, most recently in Iraq where he worked as a squad leader.

His mother said he died from injuries he received from a grenade explosion.

"He was proud to serve our country. He didn't, no matter if people said the war is bad or good, he still served," she said.

Before beginning his career in the Army, SSG Tudor finished his senior year of high school in Lackawanna County. He graduated in 1989 from Dunmore High.

Current students who attend Dunmore High School said while they did not know Steven Tudor, they said it makes them proud to know they are roaming the same hallways as the fallen soldier.

"It makes me proud that someone from our school is going over there for us and I don't think people really realize it, but it makes you appreciate everything," said junior Julianna Linott.

"I'm very proud to see people from our community going over and fighting for our country," added junior Kevin Spager.

The funeral for the soldier who grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania is expected to be held near Syracuse, New York, where his wife and step-children live.

From WNEP 16