Friday, April 13, 2007

Source: Iraq had intelligence of possible parliament attack

Above: Today's 'emergency' session of the National Assembly following yesterday's bombing was poorly attended.

BAGHDAD, April 13 (Reuters) - Iraqi authorities had intelligence that militants were planning an attack on parliament before a suicide bombing at the building, a senior government source said on Friday.

The attack on Thursday, which the U.S. military blamed on al Qaeda, killed one lawmaker and wounded two dozen other people. Some visitors said security had been tightened at the building, with sniffer dogs used earlier in the day.

"We had prior intelligence that there would be an attack on the parliament," the source told Reuters, without specifying when or how the information had been received.

He added that initial evidence showed a member of a Sunni lawmaker's security team might have played a role in the attack, the most serious breach of the heavily fortified Green Zone that houses many government offices and embassies.

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