Friday, April 13, 2007

'Officials': Soldiers in new 15-month rotations will still get $1000 monthly extension bonus

ARLINGTON, Va. — All soldiers serving the new 15-month tours in Central Command will still receive the Army’s $1,000-per-month extension bonus for serving more than a year in theater, according to Pentagon officials.

The new 15-month rotations, announced Wednesday, are effective immediately for all active-duty units already in Central Command, which includes Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, the Horn of Africa, and a number of other African and Middle East nations.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said all those that deploy in the future also will serve 15-month tours.

But the Pentagon still will give all extended troops the same $1,000 per-month extension bonus it promised under the 12-month rotation, meaning soldiers serving all 15 months will see an extra $3,000 in compensation.

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