Sunday, April 22, 2007

Security Summary: April 22, 2007

Schoolboys peek through gaps left in conrete blocks erected to surround Adhamiyah.

Shurqat – Three Iraqi police officers were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in the district of al-Shurqat, Salah al-Din province, a security source in Tikrit said.

Baghdad – Some U.S. military commanders in Iraq expressed reservations about the results obtained so far from the U.S. troops sent to Iraq to maintain security, VOI quoted the Washington Post.

Mosul – Twenty-one Yazidi workers in a Mosul weaving factory were killed by unidentified gunmen on Sunday, the Iraqi police said.

Baghdad – A truck bomb went exploded in the district of al-Sayidiya, leaving unidentified number of civilian casualties and injuries, a security source said.

Falluja – An explosive charge went off near an Iraqi patrol in al-Qaim district, destroying a Hummer vehicle, while the U.S. base al-Simak in Falluja came under a mortar attack, local residents said.

Mosul – The Ninawa police found the bodies of two brothers kidnapped earlier on Sunday by unidentified gunmen in Mosul, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Mosul came under an armed attack that caused no casualties, a police source said.

Falluja – The chief of the local council in Falluja, Anbar province, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen, Iraqi police sources said.

Baghdad – Two gunmen were killed and 42 suspected militants were arrested by Iraqi security forces in several areas of Baghdad during the past 24 hours, under the Baghdad law-imposing plan, the Baghdad operations command said.

Hilla – Three U.S. servicemen along with an Iraqi civilian were wounded when an explosive charge went off near a U.S. vehicle patrol in Hilla, a police source said.

Basra – British forces killed a person suspected of attacking them during a search operation in eastern Basra, while two other persons were arrested, the military spokeswoman for the Multi-National Force in southern Iraq, Capt. Katie Brown, said.

Baghdad – Twelve people were killed and 95 others wounded in a double bombing that targeted a police station in al-Bayaa area, southern Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said.

Kirkuk – Six civilians were wounded after two explosive charges went off near a passenger vehicle near the city of Kirkuk, an official security source from the local police said.

Baghdad – Three U.S. soldiers were killed and four others wounded in armed acts of violence in different areas in Iraq, the U.S. army said.

From VOI