Saturday, April 21, 2007

Security Summary: April 21, 2007

Above: A US soldier patrols a street in Baghdad's Sadr City district today.

Kut- A Kut morgue received five unidentified bodies found dumped in north of Kut, 180 km southeast of Baghdad, a medical source said on Saturday.

Mosul- Ninewa governor said on Saturday that the curfew on the northern Iraqi city of Mosul since Thursday will be lifted off on Sunday morning.

Falluja- Unknown gunmen waged on Saturday an attack against an Iraqi army base in Falluja, 45 km west of Baghdad, local residents said.

Diwaniya- A Polish soldier was killed and three others were wounded in a bomb blast in southern Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad, the spokesman for the Multi-National forces in Diwaniya said on Saturday.

Kut– Iraqi security forces arrested four gunmen suspected of being members of al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq in a village in Kut, a security source in Wassit province said.

Falluja– Journalist Sami al-Delaimi was seriously wounded and his nephew killed by gunmen fire in the city of Falluja, Anbar province, an Iraqi police source said.

Kirkuk– A policeman was wounded when a roadside bomb went off near an Iraqi police patrol in southern Kirkuk, 250 km northeast of Baghdad, an official security source said.

Falluja – U.S. and Iraqi forces imposed a three-day curfew on the district of Birwana in Anbar province, local residents said.

Hilla – Musaiyb district mayor Mahdi Abdul-Hussein and an escort were killed when an explosive charge went off near his motorcade, Babel police said.

Kirkuk – A four-member family was slain when an armed group attacked their house, Iraqi police sources said.

Baghdad – The bodies of eight people, four of them headless, were found after they had been kidnapped a couple of days ago in northern Baaquba, Iraqi police sources said.

Baghdad – A U.S. soldier was killed and two others wounded in an explosive charge attack in southwestern Baghdad, the U.S. army said.

Baghdad – An operation to surround a number of areas in Baghdad with concrete barricades was underway, Brig. Qassem Atta, the spokesman for the Fardh al-Qanoon security plan, said.

Baghdad – Two people were killed and eight others wounded when a bomb planted inside a bus went off in Sadr City, eastern Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said.

Baghdad – The Iraqi National Accord Movement, led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, called on incumbent Premier Nouri al-Maliki and foreign troops to come up with quick solutions to the violence and destruction in Iraq.

Basra – The British consulate in central Basra came under an attack with katyusha missiles, a security source from Basra police said.

Kirkuk – An explosive charge went off in front of the house of two policemen in central Kirkuk but no casualties were reported, an official security source from Kirkuk police said, adding seven explosive charges were defused in different areas of Kirkuk.

Diwaniya – The Multi-National Force's Echo camp in Diwaniya came under an attack with Katyusha rockets, while an explosive device set a U.S. Hummer on fire, a security source said.

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