Saturday, April 28, 2007

Denmark sending special forces to 'solve a special problem'

A Danish soldier accompanies an RAF Regiment gunner on a joint patrol in southern Iraq, where Danish forces operate under British command. Denmark is planning to withdraw its 460-strong contingent to be replaced by a helicopter unit of approximately 30 soldiers.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Denmark is sending special forces to reinforce its 460-strong contingent near Basra in southern Iraq to help "resolve a special problem," a military spokesman said Saturday.

The troops are already on their way after a decision made by Defense Minister Soeren Gade on Friday, said Hans Vedholm, a spokesman for Denmark's armed forces.

Vedholm said he could not say how many soldiers were deployed in the operation, nor what it was about "because it would be disastrous for our soldiers."

"We're talking about some forces that are going down to solve a special problem," Vedholm said.

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