Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Curtis Spivey laid to rest

Army Spc. Curtis Spivey grew up in Chula Vista and married his high school sweetheart, Aida. The couple has a toddler, Marianna, who is now 2.

"She'll look at the pictures, or she'll go up to one of those pictures and talk to him -- say, 'Good morning,' or, 'Hi, Daddy, I love you,' and she'll start pointing up," said Aida.

Spivey served two tours of duty in Iraq with the Marine Corps, and then a third with the Army. His Humvee struck a bomb last September near Baghdad.

Spivey returned to the United States with a brain injury, a broken back and shattered legs. He was also paralyzed from the waist down.

"I was really shocked when I saw him, because he was all swollen," said Aida. "It was bad, really bad."

Spivey's recovery was slow, but the soldier and his family never gave up hope.

"Once he was in the hospital, he told me he kept on going -- it was because of her and me, because we were his life, and every time he saw her, that was his medicine " said Aida, referring to herself and their daughter.

Spivey died April 2 when a blood vessel burst in his brain. Aida told NBC 7/39 that her husband gave his life doing what he loved.

"He always told me if he could go back, he would go back in a heartbeat," Aida said.

Marianna still wears a shirt saying My Daddy's My Hero, and there is there is still laughter in the Spivey home.

"He loved his job, he loved his friends, family," said Aida. "I was always proud of what he did. He was a great guy."

Spivey was buried earlier this month at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

From NBC 7

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