Friday, March 30, 2007

Trevor A. Roberts killed during combat operations

A Marine who graduated from Westmoore High School was killed this weekend in Iraq when a vehickle he was riding in struck a roadside bomb.

Lance Cpl. Trevor A. Roberts, 21, was scheduled to return from duty in Iraq in 12 days, military officials said Monday.

Roberts was assigned to the Marine Forces Reserve’s 2nd Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, 1st Sgt. Scott Baker, a spokesman for Roberts’ unit, told the Associated Press. Roberts was in the right rear passenger seat when the explosion took plac in he Al Anbar province. Another person riding in the vehicle suffered a minor concussion.

Baker said Roberts was one of 30 members of the unit who volunteered to go to Iraq and had been in that country for seven months. The unit since has been activated and is training at Fort Sill, preparing for a July deployment.

“He was an All-American boy,” Baker told AP. “He was brought up in a good Christian family. He was a good Marine. He volunteered to go. He felt it was his obligation to serve God, the country and the Corps.”

His parents, Chuck and Twyla Roberts, had spoken to him two days before he was killed, Baker said. Roberts is also survived by a brother, who is attending college.

Baker said Roberts was the first Marine from the unit killed in the war.

He said Roberts was very involved in his church and was planning to participate in a church mission to China this summer.

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