Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Security Summary: September 5, 2007

Above: An injured man lies in a hospital in Baghdad after a roadside bomb killed at least 11 and wounded dozens more in Sadr City today.

-- A roadside bombing near Baghdad's volatile Sadr City neighborhood on Wednesday killed at least 11 civilians and wounded 20 others, an Interior Ministry official said.

-- In the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, a suicide car bomb at a checkpoint killed a policeman and wounded 28 other people, police said.

-- The U.S. military Wednesday reported the deaths of six U.S. soldiers in Baghdad: two on Wednesday and four on Tuesday.

-- U.S.-led coalition forces captured a "highly sought" individual with alleged ties to Iran early Wednesday during a raid south of Baghdad in the Shiite Muslim holy city of Karbala, a U.S. military statement said.

-- In northern Iraq, coalition troops detained 10 people during operations in the cities of Mosul and Baiji.

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