Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New airline in and out of Baghdad is no frills -- and no Iraqis

Above: The airline will use a fleet of Russsian-made Antonov 26 turboprops flown by former Russian Air Force pilots and carrying 42 passengers. The cost is $450 one-way, cash.

An upstart airline operating weekly flights between Baghdad and Amman, Jordan, is billing itself as the first no-frills airline to operate out of Iraq, but the company is restricting more than just food and booze on its flights.

The airline is also banning Iraqis, Indians, Pakistanis and other non-Westerners from traveling.

Expat Airways said it is only accepting U.S. and Western citizens on its flights as it tries to capitalize on the thousands of U.S. contractors traveling in and out of the Iraqi capital each month. The airline, which landed its first 42-seat Russian Antonov turboprop at Baghdad International Airport Monday, is thought to be the first to bar passengers based on nationality.

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