Friday, August 03, 2007

Marines, Seals launch new desert operation in Anbar

Above: A CH-53E Super Stallion unloads Marines and detainees during an operation out of Combat Outpost Rawah in June.

COMBAT OUTPOST RAWAH, Iraq — U.S. Marines traveling in fast-moving armored columns launched a new raid into a remote stretch of desert in western Anbar province Wednesday.

The drive is a fresh effort to trip up any insurgent attempt at mounting a summer offensive.

The raid, which also includes a special operations element of U.S. Navy SEALs, aims to scout a large tract of desert in the northwest of Anbar, to a point near the Syrian border, said Marine Lt. Col. Kelly Alexander, commanding officer of Task Force Highlander. A company of the Iraqi Army’s 7th Division is also taking part.

The raiders will hunt for insurgents and their weapons caches, training sites and safe havens.

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