Monday, August 27, 2007

Josh Morley reported killed in Iraq

A Fort Bragg-based soldier died in Iraq without ever meeting his baby daughter, family members said Monday.

Josh Morley, 22, died Sunday in southern Iraq after he and a comrade came under fire, family members said. It's wasn't immediately clear if Morley was one of the two soldiers who died Sunday in a firefight in Samarra that saw a dozen insurgents killed.

Morley is survived by his wife, Kendra, and a daughter, who was born in April, said Irene Brevard, Morley's aunt.

"Josh was a fine young man that wanted to serve his country so that the rest of us could have our freedom," she said.

From WRAL 5

Frank Morley described his grandson Josh as a fine young man and an adorable young grandson.

Morley and his family mourned the loss of Josh Morley on Monday after receiving news Sunday that Josh was killed in Iraq earlier that day. He was 22, and is survived by his wife, Kendra, and a baby daughter.

“He was the best,” said Josh’s aunt Irene Brevard, Frank Morley’s daughter. “He was a cute kid. His dad was in the military so they moved around a lot, but they came home often.”

Josh was born in Hendersonville, said his father, Joe, but Joe’s career in the Army took the family to different cities.

“Hendersonville was as much of a hometown as he ever knew,” said Joe Morley, who lives in Carthage.

Josh Morley enlisted in the Army in 2003 and served in the 505th Parachute Infantry, a regiment of the 82nd Airborne.

Joe Morley said his son died Sunday after he and one of his comrades came under fire.

“He was in a sniper position and came under fire,” Joe Morley said.

Joe Morley described his son as a tough kid.

“He was good to his family, but a tough kid,” Joe Morley said. “I did 22 years in the Army and retired in 2005. Josh wanted to do what I did since he was 2 years old.”

Joe Morley said Josh’s mother, Sara, now lives in Apex.

From the Times-News