Sunday, July 22, 2007

Perspective: Parents united in the agony of the unknown

Left: Alex Jimenez and Byron Fouty have been missing in Iraq since May 12th.

The mother of Army Specialist Alex R. Jimenez stopped in front of a poster depicting her son and Private Byron W. Fouty, both missing in Iraq since May 12. She kissed her fingertips and pressed them against her son's lips. Without a word, Fouty's stepfather walked over and embraced her.

Jimenez's and Fouty's parents met yesterday for the first time since their sons' unit was ambushed about 20 miles outside Bagh dad. They spent the day at a windswept stadium in Lawrence, Jimenez's hometown, sharing their sorrows and hopes and assembling care packages for the American troops in Iraq who are searching for the two soldiers.

"I feel stronger together," said Ramon "Andy" Jimenez, Alex's father, who lives in Lawrence. Then he turned to Fouty's stepfather, Gordy Dibler, and said, in Spanish: "You have something that has given me comfort."

"I have what you have," Dibler replied in English. "I have a heart."

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