Monday, July 16, 2007

Perspective: 'May my eyes go blind'

Above: Aftermath of yesterday's bombing in Baghdad, which killed Ammar Kareem, aged 15, along with nine others.

An old man sat wailing in a plastic chair Sunday in the middle of a busy market street here, a pool of blood at his feet. It was all that was left of his grandson Ammar.

"He lay on the ground right here," said Haji Kareem of Ammar, 15, who was killed in a car bombing Sunday afternoon along with nine other people, including several women and youths.

About 25 people were injured in the attack in front of Kareem's small kebab restaurant in the central Baghdad neighborhood of Karada. Kareem said his other grandson, Khudhayir, 14, lost his hand in the attack, and his wife was also injured.

"Ammar, Khudhayir," he cried, "may my eyes go blind."

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