Saturday, July 28, 2007

Perspective: 'I can't fight against everybody'

Iraq coach Jorvan Vieira plans to quit his post after Sunday's Asian Cup final against Saudi Arabia, because of the disorganized state of Iraqi soccer.

The Brazilian told Reuters he would turn down an extension to his two-month contract because of the chaos in Iraqi football, which he said made the job the most difficult of his career.

"I took this job because it was a tremendous challenge, and I have no regrets at all," Vieira said in a telephone interview.

"But I can't fight against everybody. I'm looking for a club or a national team with good, I'm doing everybody else's job.

"If my contract was for six months and not for two they would have had to take me to the hospital for crazy people."

Vieira said steering the unfancied Iraqis to their first Asian Cup final was one of the finest moments of his career.

"It was very big for me, one of my greatest achievements," said the Brazilian, who has coached 26 clubs and five national teams.

"I had a gut feeling inside, a message that I should take this job. It was a fantastic experience, it was a gift from god."

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