Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Norway stops training of Iraqi police after 10 disappear

Above: NATO's Joint Warfare Center at Stavanger, Norway.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (UD) has decided to stop the training of Iraqi police officers in Norway, after 10 officers have defected. Instead, UD plans to support the training in Iraq.

The ten Iraqi police officers have disappeared from their quarters over the past seven months, and it is not known where they are.

Altogether 158 Iraqi police officers have received training at the NATO joint Warfare Center near Stavanger.

The course covers western police theory and administration, human rights and equal rights.

Earlier, the course has been criticised for being useless in the civil war-torn nation of Iraq.

"Maybe in a hundred years we will be able to apply our training," a high-ranking Iraqi police officer said.

The NATO Joint Warfare Centre at Jaattaa has been playing a key role in the training of higher ranking Iraqi officers and public servants.

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