Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Marines on involuntary combat tour extensions past one year will get $1,000 extra monthly

Above: A Marine with 2nd Tank Battalion adjusts his helmet and night vision goggles before a patrol to clear a main supply road of IEDs in Anbar province in June.

Marines deployed to a combat zone for more than a year will get $1,000 more in their paychecks each additional month they spend at war, according to a Corps-wide message released Sunday.

An involuntary extension past the 365-day mark “due to unplanned operational requirements” entitles officers and enlisted Marines to $800 in assignment incentive pay plus $200 more in hardship duty pay, according to MarAdmin 397/07.

While the pay is monthly, a Marine need only spend one extra day with “boots on the ground” in the combat zone to rate the pay for that month...

Marines who volunteer to stay or exceed the year mark because they’re assigned to a unit’s advanced or rear parties do not rate the extra money, he said.

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